we are not angels nor devils just humans

if we thought that we can live like angels , be always caring , supporting others , ignoring self needs and just concentrating on others needs , we can live like that for a while , thx to god and the power of love he gave to us
But to maintain this state we must keep a strong relation with god , the main source of love ,
Else the devils inside us are still alive may be not appearing but existing ,
If we thought that devils are gone , noooo they r still here , only power of love from the main source can keep them away
But after all even we do our best to keep them away and enjoy seeing ourselves as angels , the devils may appear again and again when we thought that they are gone
At this time we must remember that are still human , not angels yet but sure not all devils , and try to maintain the balance between all needs to continue our journey to the perfection .


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