Happy & Sad Thoughts

Happy Thoughts

each line of code creating a new effect, just like poetry
be a good boy , try a little harder
trying to think in cheerful idea to fly like PETER PAN :P
Just open your heart the spirit will come to you
Something good in everything I see and i have to find it
we would stay and respond and forgive and enjoy and evolve and discern and accept and admit and speak upThis is my ultimate
I let the music speak ,with no restraints ,I let my feelings take over
You bleed you learn, you scream you learn , You pray you learn, You live you learn
facts leave no room for possibilities

Sad Thoughts
bypassing my mind to accept unlogical things in life
This is far more than I’m equipped for
trying to prevent defense mechanisms from freezing me
Why, Mr. Anderson, why do you do it?why get up? Why keep fighting?
mechanisms were developed to prevent bad feelings and moods but unfortunately no mechanism to create good ones
The Purpose of life is to end ( from Matrix )


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